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KFD2UT2EX1 / 248764

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Manufacturer: Pepperl + Fuchs

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  • 1-channel isolated barrier
  • 24 V DC supply (Power Rail)
  • TC, RTD, potentiometer or voltage input
  • Current output 0/4 mA ... 20 mA
  • Sink or source mode
  • Configurable by PACTwareTM
  • Line fault (LFD) and sensor burnout detection
  • Up to SIL2 acc. to IEC 61508


This isolated barrier is used for intrinsic safety applications. It is designed to connect RTDs, thermocouples, or potentiometers in the hazardous area, and provide a proportional 0/4 mA ... 20 mA signal to the safe area.

The barrier offers 3-port isolation between input, output, and power supply.

A removable terminal block K-CJC-** is available for thermocouples when internal cold junction compensation is desired.

A fault is indicated by a red flashing LED per NAMUR NE44 and user-configured fault outputs.

The unit is easily programmed with the PACTwareTM configuration software.

A collective error messaging feature is available when used with the Power Rail system.

General specifications
Signal type Analog input
Connection terminals 14+, 15- or power feed module/Power Rail
Rated voltage 20 ... 30 V DC
Ripple within the supply tolerance
Power loss/power consumption ≤ 0.95 W / 0.95 W
Connection terminals 1, 2, 3, 4
  • type Pt10, Pt50, Pt100, Pt500, Pt1000 (EN 60751: 1995)
  • type Pt10GOST, Pt50GOST, Pt100GOST, Pt500GOST, Pt1000GOST (6651-94)
  • type Cu10, Cu50, Cu100 (P50353-92)
  • type Ni100 (DIN 43760)
Measuring current approx. 200 µA with RTD
Types of measuring 2-, 3-, 4-wire connection
Lead resistance ≤ 50 Ω per lead
Measuring circuit monitoring sensor burnout, sensor short-circuit
  • type B, E, J, K, N, R, S, T (IEC 584-1: 1995)
  • type L (DIN 43710: 1985)
  • type TXK, TXKH, TXA (P8.585-2001)
Cold junction compensation external and internal
Measuring circuit monitoring sensor burnout
Voltage selectable within the range -100 ... 100 mV
Potentiometer 0 ... 20 kΩ (2-wire connection), 0.8 ... 20 kΩ (3-wire connection)
Input resistance ≥ 1 MΩ (-100 ... 100 mV)
Connection output I: terminal 7: source (-), sink (+), terminal 8: source (+), terminal 9: sink(-)
Output Analog current output
Current range 0 ... 20 mA or 4 ... 20 mA
Fault signal downscale 0 or 2 mA, upscale 21.5 mA (acc. NAMUR NE43)
l downscale 0 or 2 mA, upscale 21.5 mA (acc. NAMUR NE43) Source
  • load 0 ... 550 Ω
  • open-circuit voltage ≤ 18 V
Sink Voltage across terminals 5 ... 30 V. If the current is supplied from a source > 16.5 V, series resistance of ≥ (V - 16.5)/0.0215 Ω is needed, where V is the source voltage.
The maximum value of the resistance is (V - 5)/0.0215 Ω.
Transfer characteristics
After calibration
  • Pt100: ± (0.06 % of measurement value in K + 0.1 % of span + 0.1 K (4-wire connection))
  • thermocouple: ± (0.05 % of measurement value in °C + 0.1 % of span + 1 K (1.2 K for types R and S)) this includes ± 0.8 K error of the cold junction compensation
  • mV: ± (50 µV + 0.1 % of span)
  • potentiometer: ± (0.05 % of full scale + 0.1 % of span, (excludes errors due to lead resistance))
Influence of ambient temperature deviation of CJC included:
  • Pt100: ± (0.0015 % of measurement value in K + 0.006 % of span)/K ?Tamb*
  • thermocouple: ± (0.02 K + 0.005 % of measurement value in °C + 0.006 % of span)/K ?Tamb*
  • mV: ± (0.01 % of measurement value + 0.006 % of span)/K ?Tamb*
  • potentiometer: ± 0.006 % of span/K ?Tamb*
*?Tamb = ambient temperature change referenced to 23 °C (296 K)
Influence of supply voltage < 0.01 % of span
Influence of load ≤ 0.001 % of output value per 100 Ω
Reaction time sensor burnout and sensor short circuit selected where appropriate mV: 1 s, thermocouples with CJC: 1.1 s, thermocouples with fixed reference temperature: 1.1 s, 3- or 4-wire RTD: 920 ms, 2-wire RTD: 800 ms, Potentiometer: 2.05 s
Electrical isolation
Output/supply, programming input functional insulation acc. to IEC 62103, rated insulation voltage 50 Veff
There is no electrical isolation between the programming input and the supply.
The programming cable (see section accessories and installation) provides galvanic isolation so that ground loops are avoided.
Directive conformity
Electromagnetic compatibility
Directive 2004/108/EC EN 61326-1:2006
Insulation coordination UL 61010-1
Electromagnetic compatibility NE 21:2006
Protection degree IEC 60529
Ambient conditions
Ambient temperature -20 ... 60 °C (-4 ... 140 °F)
Mechanical specifications
Protection degree IP20
Mass approx. 130 g
Dimensions 20 x 119 x 115 mm (0.8 x 4.7 x 4.5 in) , housing type B2
Data for application in connection with Ex-areas
EC-Type Examination Certificate CESI 04 ATEX 143 , for additional certificates see www.pepperl-fuchs.com
Group, category, type of protection Ex II (1)GD, I (M1), [Ex ia] IIC, [Ex iaD], [Ex ia] I (-20 °C ≤ Tamb = 60 °C) [circuit(s) in zone 0/1/2]
Input Ex ia IIC
Inputs terminals 1, 2, 3, 4
Voltage Uo 9v
Current Io 22mA
Power Po 50mW
Analog outputs, power supply, collective error
Maximum safe voltage Um 250 V (Attention! This is not the rated voltage.)
Maximum safe voltage Um 250 V (Attention! The rated voltage is lower.), RS 232
Statement of conformity
Group, category, type of protection, temperature class Ex II 3G Ex nA II T4 [device in zone 2]
Electrical isolation
Input/Other circuits safe electrical isolation acc. to IEC/EN 60079-11, voltage peak value 375 V
Directive conformity
Directive 94/9/EC EN 60079-0:2006, EN 60079-11:2007, EN 60079-15:2005, EN 60079-26:2007, EN 61241-0:2006, EN 61241-11:2006
International approvals
UL approval
Control drawing 116-0316
CSA approval
Control drawing 366-024CS-12 (cCSAus)
IECEx approval IECEx TUN 07.0003
Approved for [Zone 0] [Ex ia] IIC, [Ex iaD], [Ex ia] I
General information
Supplementary information EC-Type Examination Certificate, Statement of Conformity, Declaration of Conformity, Attestation of Conformity and instructions have to be observed where applicable. For information see www.pepperlfuchs.com

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KFD2-UT2-EX1 : KFD2UT2EX1 Specification

Alternative Part Number: 248764

Manufacturer: Pepperl + Fuchs

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