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Kempston Controls in the UK was established in 1940 as a specialist distributor of American manufactured components. This business has been developed over the years to service the needs of a much broader audience and, through the careful choice of franchises, Kempston Controls has become a specialist technical distributor of electrical components with an enviable reputation for stock and service.

Kempston Controls is pleased to announce opening of its Dubai branch office, Kempston Controls LLC, to extend its support and expand business operation in the Middle East and Africa.

Why Dubai? Since the formation of the UAE in 1971, Dubai has changed from being an oil and gas dependent state to a broadly diverse economy based on international trade, banking, tourism, real estate and manufacturing. With its central geographic location between the Asian and European markets, Dubai has worked hard to establish itself as an integral part of global trade.

Kempston Controls LLC's expertise, professional profile, highly skilled technical team, competitive analysis, representations, performance, vision and positive strategy will help to consolidate our significant market share in the UAE, in the Middle East and Africa .

Our Vision is to be the preferred and most trusted resource in supplying industrial products and services.

Our Mission is to become our customers’ partner of choice, providing world class support from our highly talented workforce. We believe in “Quality products through quality services”.
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