Our E-Commerce Site is now live. You can view pricing and place orders directly online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Enter what you know of the item's part number into the Search box at the top of the screen and click ‘The Magnifying Glass’. A list of all the possible matches will be produced. From this list select the item you are looking for, then enter a quantity into the 'Quantity' box, and click the 'Add to Basket' button. You will then be directed to the Basket.
First, you will need to have your data in a spreadsheet. Then "click" on 'Quick Basket', located underneath the 'Search' box on the Home page, and simply copy and paste the part numbers from your spreadsheet. "Click" ‘Next’, then follow the simple instructions on the screen.
From the website as a 'logged in' customer, you can proceed to the checkout stage and have the order added to your credit account. Once your order is placed you will receive a comprehensive Order Acknowledgement stating all prices and expected delivery dates.
If you order items that are shown as 'in stock' and your order is submitted before 4pm Mon-Fri (excluding Bank Holidays) then your order can be delivered the next working day. (Subject to availability).
If you order an item with a zero stock value, then delivery will be dependent on the lead-time from the manufacturer. We will, however acknowledge receipt of your order and, at this time indicate the approximate delivery date.
Your credit card will be debited immediately, even if your goods are not in stock. On receipt of your order we will send you, within one working day, an acknowledgement stating the approximate delivery date of your order.
Some non UK customers can order online, if you are not able to checkout on the website, then you will need to contact us to obtain a delivery cost. The price of the goods will not be affected (with the exception of VAT, which would not be included).
If you currently have a credit account, then you can register online, go to the login page and follow the instructions. If you don't currently have a credit account, you can also create an account by completing the new account application found in the 'login/signup' section.
On completion of checkout your basket will be emptied; alternatively, if you log out before checking out, your basket will save its contents for the next time you log in.

As an incentive for customers to place their orders using our website we are, for a limited time, offering one free standard carriage per day on UK orders placed entirely through the website*. When a customer requests a quote through the website, our quotes staff step in to provide all the necessary details, once they have been able to do this they can provide you with a ‘Buy Now’ link. This means that the order has not actually been created on the website and so does not qualify for the ‘One Free delivery per day on all UK online orders’ offer.

This also means that any ‘Price on Request’ items which require a quote to be completed before purchase will not qualify for the free UK delivery.

Whilst we apologise for any confusion this may have caused it is a necessary step due to the extra work involved when creating a quote.

*Please note that the free carriage relates to one despatch per order only and where the exVat value of the order is at least £20.

To qualify for the ‘One Free UK Delivery Per Day’ offer you need to place your order entirely through our website, and have an exVat value of at least £20. For example, if you had not yet used the ‘One Free UK Delivery Per Day’ and were to search for the item ‘C10G10’, added a single fuse to your basket and then click the ‘checkout’ upon entering your basket; you would not qualify for the free UK delivery. If you then increased the quantity of the 'C10G10' until the exVat value was at least the amount the displayed on every product page, you would qualify.

If you were to click ‘Request Quote’ upon entering the basket and/or use the ‘Buy Now’ link sent to you by a member of staff, you would not qualify for the free UK delivery.

Similarly if you placed the order by phone, fax or email, you would also not qualify for the free UK delivery.

Please note that the free carriage relates to one despatch per order only.

The One free UK delivery per day is only available for one order per day, if you place multiple orders during the day, you will have to choose which order you wish to apply this to, as you may qualify for free delivery on a standard service and may not want to waste this free option.

Some items at Kempston Controls must be purchased in multiples. This means you are purchasing a ‘pack’ of the item. If you must order an item in multiples of 10, each pack will contain 10 of the item.

The pricing however relates to each individual item within the pack.

For example: Item number C10G12I comes in packs of 10, and is therefore sold in multiples of 10. The price of £0.67 (At the time of writing this FAQ) is for 1 individual fuse in the pack of 10. So 1 pack of 10 fuses will cost £6.70.

The prices are shown this way as we sometimes have ‘split packs’ where a pack has been opened. When this happens you may place an order at any quantity until the open pack is gone.

The ‘estimated lead time’ messages accompanying some items on the website refer to the average amount of time between purchase and receipt of the item at Kempston Controls. It does not refer to how long it should take the item to reach the customer.

This is however an average lead time and so should not been seen as 100% accurate or a guarantee. All orders are subject to the manufacturers lead time if not currently in stock.

Please call and check with our sales staff if the lead time is critical, we can then provide you with a more accurate lead time.

DAP – Delivered at Place (named place of destination)

Kempston Controls pays for carriage to the named place, except for costs related to import clearance, and assumes all risks prior to the point that the goods are ready for unloading by the buyer. Import clearance = import duty and VAT.

It is currently company policy that orders placed will not be part shipped. If you wish to have your order part-shipped you would need to discuss this with our sales staff and not place your order online. Extra charges may be involved.