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Kempston Controls Electronic Components Distributor of Burkert


Bürkert was founded in Germany in 1946 by Christian Bürkert, who began developing and manufacturing innovative products such as foot warmers, oven controls and thermal control systems for incubators.

International presence

In the years that followed the fledgling company increasingly focused on valve technology and soon became an international benchmark for industrial solenoid valves with dedicated research and development and manufacturing plants located across the globe.

Christian succeeded in building an enterprise that is today a global leader in fluid control systems, designing and manufacturing everything from single valves to high-tech sensors, all constructed to the highest quality and applying state-of-the-art technology.

Family-owned Innovation

Bürkert is still family owned to this day successfully maintaining its position as an independent market leader, producing countless products to meet the demands of numerous sectors including the automotive industry, biotechnology, the chemical industry, energy production, semiconductor manufacture, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and more.

Kempston’s has what you need

Kempston Controls is a Bürkert supplier partner with access to their entire product portfolio. We are the people to talk to when it comes to finding the perfect products to help you complete your new installation or retrofitting installation.

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Solenoid Valves
Pressure Transmitters
Pneumatic Valves
Flow Transmitter and Meters
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