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Allen-Bradley Guardmaster brought to you by the Rockwell Automation Group, can trace its heritage back over 100 years. Originally established by Lynde Bradley and Dr Stanton Allen as a company manufacturing Rheostats, in the years that followed Allen-Bradley witnessed rapid growth with surge or radio broadcasting, various military contracts, pioneering the PLC and even as the suppliers of products for NASA’s Space Shuttle fleet.

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Featured Guardmaster Products

Guardmaster is a brand name synonymous with high-quality products designed to improve manufacturing process functionality, production throughput and of course the safety of the operators involved within the processes. Kempston Controls, as an authorized dealer for Allen-Bradley Guardmaster stocks an extensive range of Guardmaster products ready for delivery.

Designed with Safety in Mind

With a comprehensive portfolio including safety relays, limit switches, interlocks, rotary cam switches, safety light curtains, proximity sensors, pull switches and much more, there is guaranteed to be a Guardmaster product to suit your specific installation requirements.

Whatever your production process safety needs, whether it’s a control unit relay which can detect stopped production processes to preventing injury to your personnel with safety light curtains and pressure sensitive safety edge systems, Kempston Controls can source whatever you need.

If you can't find the right Allen-Bradley Guardmaster product for your latest industrial automation/control and safety needs, just give Kempston Controls a call or use the contact form found in our contact area and our technical team will find the products you need or the best alternatives available.

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